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You already use a service like Just Eat or Marvin

So you already know that you are paying an awful lot of commission to use these services! It’s your restaurant, your business, your customers; so you should have your own website. Did you know that most (around 80 %*) of the orders that come through Just Eat or Marvin would have come to you anyway, from your existing loyal customers? What is the point of paying commission on a sale you would have had anyway? We charge a simple low monthly fee and NO Commission. So should you ditch ‘Just Eat’ or whoever? Probably not, if you use them for what they do best, finding you new customers when someone is either visiting, new to the area or just passing by. Then you pay the commission, but get a chance to sell your business, your food with your website. So next time they come back. They are your customer. Do understand, they don’t care about YOU alone, they care about all the restaurants that use their services. That is their model, it’s what they do. Your loyal customers have to find you on their website so they can place an order… and then they charge YOU for it!

You don't have a website and take all orders by phone

That was fine 5, 2 or even one 1 year ago. But times are changing and deep down you already know it is true. Perhaps it’s teenagers always on their phones? Maybe you have noticed a slowdown in orders since those around you started offering a website. Maybe they are on Just Eat or Marvin or similar? Maybe you are tempted to do the same? But you are not sure. Repeated surveys show that over 70% of people prefer to place their food orders online. With your customised website, you get happy customers and keep them coming back. With a simple, easy to use console provided on a tablet computer as part of your start up package, Our all in one solution also includes a printer so your orders are printed out ready for you to handle and prepare. We give you a complete package to encourage people to start using your website. Once they do, you will never look back. Just read some of our customer testimonials to see what a difference working with BeSeen. You could sign up to one of the ‘aggregator’ online services such as ‘Just Eat’ or ‘Marvin’. These are reputable companies and provide a service – at a price. The problem is, that they charge quite high commission rates – typically by the time VAT, card charges and everything else is added in to the mix, it can be almost 20%. They are not loyal to you. They promote all restaurants to their customers, so you could find your regulars being pointed at your competitors and even possibly losing them. If you already have a website, but it doesn’t take online orders or work with mobile, we will add mobile friendly online ordering to your site.

You don’t have a website but you're considering Just Eat

You have realised that you need to be online. More and more people expect their takeaway or restaurant to provide an online booking or ordering service. If you don’t find a solution soon, you will start to lose business. Just Eat and Marvin are fine if you use them to suit your needs, not theirs. The last thing you want is for your regular clients to go to their website and place their order there. Your restaurant is just in a list. Your loyal customer has to first find you on their website. … and of course might be tempted to try elsewhere. They place their order and you end up paying them for the privilege! Hardly seems reasonable, does it? At BeSeen we create a custom website for you and you pay only a simple monthly subscription. No Commission at all!

You already have a website, but it doesn’t work on mobile phones

There can be many reasons for this. Maybe the design of the site was done by people who don’t understand restaurants and their needs. Here at BeSeen we do understand. Maybe it was designed, before mobile devices took off. BeSeen has a simple solution that adds on-line ordering to your business. We link it to your website and ensure that the finished product is slick, modern and efficient. We know that you want to just update your menus and prices, once and in one place, take orders, notify customers, inform them of specials on a quiet Tuesday night, keep them loyal and coming back to you. Our solution configured for you does work. It is working every day in restaurants and takeaways up and down the country processing 100’s of orders every single week, day in, day out.
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We understand that you probably have limited time, and is exactly why we do everything for you.
At BeSeen we build your website, input all your menus, provide a marketing pack, supply the
hardware and setup your website, all you have to do is cook the food and send the
orders, it's that simple.

1. Sign Up

To get your own website for your restaurant or takeaway, you pay a simple one-off start-up fee and signup to our monthly subscription service.

A meeting will be arranged to obtain the following information:

  • Learn about your company history & values to get a greater understanding
  • Hear your long term goals so we can strategize appropriately
  • Listen to your preferences in terms of design, feel and look for your new website

2. Design & Build

Within 4 - 6 weeks, we will have built your website with your takeaways branding, menus and all you need to get going.

Once our design team are confident with your vision for your new restaurant or takeaway, we will immediately get to work. We do not waste any time in getting your new website live. What we guarantee:

  • A stunning responsive website that will increase conversion rates and overall traffic
  • Ensuring that your website operates seamlessly on all devices
  • A platform for your customers to purchase anytime, anyplace or anywhere
  • Strategic content & compelling call to actions proven to increase customer engagement

3. Getting Set Up

Once we have completed the final testing on your new website, there are a couple of key elements that must be ironed out.

 If you wish to update your products and offers yourself, our team will complete a training session to keep you up to speed. A printer will also be installed which will print orders immediately once ordered on your website. Our set up will include:

  • 1 to 1 training session to hand over the keys to your website so you have more control
  • Auto receipt printing - Our team will provide and install the necessary hardware
  • Support 7 Days a week - to ensure your website is always making sales!

4. Converting Visitors into Customers

We provide you everything you need to start making savings, increasing orders and growing profits.

Successfully building your business online requires brining visitors and customers back to your website. To generate recurring traffic will building trust with your audience and ultimately increase your revenue. We achieve this by:

  • Completing a thorough analysis of the marketplace your company operates in
  • Marketing campaign initiatives that both engage and appeal to your target user
  • Specific retargeting across social media and PPC to bring back old visitors to your site
  • Conveying your message on your website so customers can relate to your own mission


The online ordering, loyalty and marketing solution that gives you back full
control of your customers.
EASY ONLINE ORDERING Our online ordering makes it super easy for your customers to order whenever and wherever they like which just a few clicks on your website. We provide a website and online ordering system to allow your customers to order whenever and wherever they like. With integrated card payments they can pay quickly with all money going straight to your bank in 48 hours. We can build you a search engine optimised one if you don’t have one, or are unhappy with your current one.
MARKETING THAT WORKS BeSeen helps drive your customers to using your website and then we help you find new business, and increase orders through the included marketing tools. Our team will focus on increasing your sales and profits through a number of initiatives which include email marketing campaigns, push notifications to registered customers along with social media advertising. We will consistently mix it up by promoting new dishes, send ‘Flash Offers’ for tonight only, or just keep your customers up to date.
SIMPLE CARD PAYMENTS Customers can easily pay by debit or credit cards on your website. It even remembers their details for the next order so it is super quick. BeSeen are partners with leading online payment merchants Stripe and PayPal, allowing us to offer the most competitive rates. Once a payment is received, it will go straight to your bank account within days, not weeks. All payments through your website will be 100% secured. 

QUALITY RECEIPT PRINTING We provide you with a commercial grade printer designed to print millions of receipts and allow individual layout and content for your business. The printers use large capacity, 80mm wide paper so the text is big, easy to read and you don’t have to hand write out orders anymore or change the printer roll every 5 minutes. The printer works through a WI-FI connection. Once an order has been completed on your website by a customer, automatically a receipt will print out for you in your shop.

Start a project with us today. We are ready to transform your business.

Super Job

“I am so happy I teamed up with BeSeen to help get my online presence started. The online booking system is helping streamline my entire business. This is just the start, I am very excited for the future with this company."

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I would recommend BeSeen to any business owner looking to improve their business!

“I could not be more delighted with the work that was delivered by BeSeen. The website has allowed me to shift my focus from just-eat.ie and begin building the Noodle Box brand. I would recommend BeSeen to any business owner looking to improve their business!”

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A truely amazing finished product

“I appreciate all of the work and efforts from BeSeen. From start to finish the team were so professional and captured the vision I had for my new website. We are already working together on a second project, I am looking forward to working with the entire team again."

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Our websites are packed full of great features that you, and your customers, will love.
We will make ordering food for your takeaway extremely easy, you will
get paid quicker and your customers will want to keep coming back.
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Mobile & Online Order

Your customers can order anywhere, anytime and all without having to call.

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Card Payments

Card payments taken through the website paid directly to your bank within hours.

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Coupons & Rewards

Reward your loyal customers through coupon code promotions and discounts.

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Direct Customer Contact

Keep your customers up to date on offers, promotions and order status through your website.

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Easy Order Printing

Auto print will be set up once a customer completes an order on your website.

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Simply Useful Reports

The reports you need to run your business and show the results from your website.

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Instant Updates

Easy to use back office makes it quick for you to update menus and prices on your website.

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Order Through Facebook

Embed your ordering service in to Facebook to catch every customer.

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Always Supported

We provide full backup and support from start to finish so you never run into any problems.

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