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Generating Leads and Revenue To develop and grow your business in a world that is currently driven by the internet, it’s vital that you are at the top of search engine results. This can only be achieved with Search Engine Optimisation. Our SEO specialists will provide you with a results-driven strategy that will generate new leads and ultimately increase your revenue. What we deliver on: 
  • Landing page creation and optimization is put in place for each keyword


To be in the top 3 results in Google not only increases your likelihood of success, it guarantees it.
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Our carefully designed strategies are focused on results and nothing more. We will not only boost your search engine ranking, but allow you to reach the very top.

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Local SEO

As search engines have begun shifting their focus on localized listings, we will ensure that your business sits at the top of the pile within your region to ensure maximum exposure.

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SEO Audit

Having trouble ranking across major search engines, but you’re not sure why? Our SEO audit will analyse your website to determine all issues and create a future site strategy.

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SEO Reporting

Detailed SEO reports will be presented on a monthly basis to track performance and KPI’s on your website, allowing you to make more informed decisions for the future.

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Link Building

The more links you acquire from other relevant & high authority websites, the better your website ranks. Our strategy will heavily focus on content creation, online PR and social promotion.

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Algorithm Updates

Once your website reaches the top search engine results page, we keep you there. This involves more than just a continual SEO strategy, but keeping up to date with any Search Engine algorithm updates.

Local SEO Does your business strictly offer products and services to a very specific and defined location? If the answer is indeed yes, a local SEO strategy will be key to outranking your competitors within the industry you are operating in. Get in touch with us today and see how we can get your local business to first place.

The Right Recipe

Our SEO strategies are designed to not just please Google, but all search engines. With Google currently holding over a 65% share of the search engine marketplace, the likelihood is that any user who is visiting your website is finding you through Google. However, as Bing and Yahoo are continually gaining a foothold in the Search Engine marketplace, we will ensure that the right recipe is used in order to optimize your websites ranking across all search engines.


Results Guaranteed – Or Your Money Back

The SEO strategy that we develop and execute will offer your business guaranteed results. It is our promise that your website be pushed to the front pages of Google or you will receive a refund on your initial investment. This guarantee highlights just how serious we are about our SEO packages and how confident we are that we can achieve maximum exposure for your business across all search engines.
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If you need to speak to us immediately, call us on 01 690 5492 or send an email to design@beseen.ie