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Reach out and engage with your customers To compete at the top, your company needs to move to the next level with targeting social media channels. Talking with your customers on multiple online portals allows you to reach out and engage with your customers more effectively. Social media not only promotes your company but creates more positive customer experiences, leading to an increase in both loyalty and conversions. What we deliver on: 
  • Target influencers in your niche
  • Increase word-of-mouth referrals
  • Stay on top of conversations about your industry and company


Our combination of tactics will not only boost your online presence but provide measurable results.
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Social Profile

If you’ve not launched your social presence or your current one has not quite taken off yet, don’t worry & leave the rest to us.

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Content Strategy

Finding the right content to engage, entertain and inspire your target audience will guarantee your social strategy succeeds.

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Community Building

We develop the platforms necessary for your customers to connect and engage with both your business and each other.

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Success Targets

Social media is not going anywhere anytime soon. We will continue to adapt our strategy to continue hitting your social success targets.

Increase Engagement, Increase Sales Our social media strategy will focus on getting visitors to not just one particular channel but to them all. Once an online user is engaged in your social channels, the knock on effect is that they will begin to reference you to their social circle, share your postings which will ultimately lead to them becoming your customers. Optimising social engagement across your social media platforms will lead to visitors turning into sales.

Finding The Perfect Recipe

In order to perfect your social media marketing campaign, we will be able to continually monitor user engagement and activity across each individual media platform. Tailoring your strategy to best reach customers will be key to convert users into customers.

Through careful analysis of your analytical data, we can zone in on exactly what is bringing customers to your website. Using insightful information will give your business the best chance of success.


Branded Social Posting

Our social media team will create postings on a week by week basis that is specific to your own company. This will include quotes, ongoing promotional offers, links to your website and company content. Providing an inside look into your business will display transparency and honesty to all visitors and customers while helping to build your company’s brand. Our social media marketing package will include branded cover photos, profile pictures and implementing all of the necessary company details to ensure customers have ease of access to your website.
Let's get started!  The time is now to launch your companies social media presence and begin turning followers into paying customers! Complete our contact form and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.
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If you need to speak to us immediately, call us on 01 690 5492 or send an email to design@beseen.ie